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 When you choose Urhome Group you are getting more than just a REALTOR® . We are adding you to our family. This means that you receive the same importance and care of our loved ones, by ensuring that we are meeting all of your buying/selling needs and that they are our primary focus. It’s our emphasis on collaborative client  REALTOR®  communication and stellar service that makes the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

Amber always brings her years of service, compassion and honesty to the team to fulfill and exceed your expectations during the home buying/selling experience with the hope that the process is as pleasant an experience as possible.

While working with Rachel, be assured you are getting her enthusiasm, keen attention to detail, and ability to see the whole picture for advise as you make one of life’s biggest decisions.

Each of our family (or team) members bring various positive attributes that you need in a REALTOR®, but together we bring you even more with our various skill sets, varying perspectives and consistent availability. 

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